Who we are


German Language Centre Consulting  (GLCC) is a private Language Centre in Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur) that is specialized for German Language .we are a well-known small language Centre consulting that specializes in the Teaching of German as a foreign language for all Levels and transferring students to Germany and vice versa from Germany to Malaysia .we provide professionals ,experienced and Native German Teachers and Lecturers.We will consult and provide students for the German Universities. We do have also experiences in transferring students to (Studienkolleg) colleges and best rated universities in Germany and also we do consulting about it .

The GLCC offers the best learning environment, which gives students flexibility, enjoyment and a truly holistic way of mastering the German language. Our team of qualified and experienced international teachers bring the learning engagement to life, combining academic rigor and fun to the classroom.

Our Product and Services Offering

GLCC is going to offer varieties of learning, instruction services and the main aim consulting within the scope of the language industry in the Malaysia. Our intention of starting our language Centre consulting is to soundly educate people in German languages and consult them how to reach to Germany and of course to make profits and we will do all that is permitted by the law in the Malaysia to achieve our aim and business goal.


Our vision is to build a highly competitive Centre to consult students, how to get to Germany and what is the need for that. Our vision reflects our values:


To be an internationally acclaimed language Centre consulting, a leader and innovator in education delivering result-orientated language training.

Our Mission

To deliver effective language courses that satisfy students’ educational and professional needs.