Overseas Students & Consulting Services is committed to delivering quality consultancy services and support to prospective students willing to study overseas. We are always ready to take up consulting work from various sectors including education and training, others. Our experienced team has been involved in consulting for private and government organizations.

Students wishing to study overseas often do not have relevant information about courses, student visa requirements or how to go about applying for a course at education institutions such as schools, colleges or universities in Germany. Overseas Students & Consulting Services play a pivotal role in supporting prospective students. Support includes but not limited to;

  • General information about studying overseas.
  • applying for courses for students in various schools, colleges, Institutes and Universities in Germany.
  • information on Colleges, Institutes and Universities profile information
  • student visa advice and information,
  • supporting students with visa application process
  • pre-departure orientation information sessions

Once a student has been successful in gaining an offer to study in Germany, our agents provide all necessary support to ensure that the student start their study without any problems.

At GLCC Centre consulting, we believe that provision of quality advice and support to our students is not an option. We pride ourselves in excellence in customer service and care.


We understand that settling in a new country can be challenging at times, specifically finding suitable accommodation. Our student advisers will be at hand to help you find accommodation that meets your needs. Most institutions provide a range of accommodation options that students can choose from. These include living on-campus or off-campus with Homestay options. Most off-campus accommodation options are mainly private rentals. A student can chose to rent a single room or a unit depending on their preferences and the cost. The rent will vary depending on the location and the type of room or unit with the options included.


Our student advisers will help you apply for part-time work within the student visa conditions. Most student visas are issued with permission to work. If, for any reason, your student visa is issued without the right to work, you will need to apply for a permission-to-work student visa after commencing classes.
A student can work up to 20 hours per week while they are studying and full-time during vacations. In general, students should not expect to cover tuition fees or living expenses from casual work.Whilst Research Higher Degree applicants are entitled to work unlimited hours they must maintain full-time enrollment in their studies and meet the requirements of their program.

Students can apply for part-time work in a range of areas. However, sometimes it can be difficult to find work in areas of interest. Students can get support from career advisers in finding employment through help with resume and interview skills as may be needed. Some of the universities and colleges have internship programs which provide students hands-on industrial experience and professional networking. In some cases, research higher degree students may possibly find employment as research assistants or tutors in their disciplines.


It is a requirement of the Department of Home Affairs for students wishing to pursue their studies in Germany to apply for student visa once they have met the eligibility. We recognise that applying for a student visa can be a complicated process. Our dedicated staff will help you through the application process and ensure that you submit a valid application.

Student visas are valid for the duration of their study program. In some cases students will need to extend their visas if they do not complete their study program within the expected time due to a range of factors. These may include factors beyond student’s control or a need to enroll in another program after completing the initial program for example proceeding to an undergraduate program of postgraduate program. If need to extend or apply for a student visa, please contact us anytime and we will be there to offer advice and support throughout the application process.

For more detailed information on student visas meet us personaly.


As students arrive and settle into their programs of study, ongoing support is an important aspect of their student journey. We endeavour to do all that is necessary in collaboration with our partner education institutions to ensure students smooth transition. It is not uncommon for students to face some challenges during the course of study; our student advisers are an important reference point in this case. Please keep in touch always even if it is to let us know of your academic achievements or general progress.


As part of our service offerings GLCC is providing career consultation for individuals who are looking for a job opportunity in Germany.

After a first consultation and assessment GLCC will support the applicant in acquiring respective documents required for a job in Germany. This will be done in collaboration with respective Government agencies and after successfully completing this step, GLCC will then initiate the search for a suitable job via our partners.

Minimum criteria for applicants are German language skills (varying for different jobs, but usually B1 or B2 German level) and respective job qualifications.
Currently our focus is on jobs in various areas including the health space (e.g. nurses, doctors) as well as hospitality (e.g. hotel receptionists, cleaning personnel, chefs). In general however, we can support the search for all jobs that are listed on the so called “Positivliste” published by the German Federal Employment Agency. Jobs on this Positivliste are eligible for easy employment and visa applications of foreigners.