Who Needs GLCC?

You’ll find most of your clientele are likely to come from the following demographics:

  • Busy parents who have neither the time nor the energy to do all the legwork necessary to find the right college for their kids 
  • Parents who value time more than money and would rather spend what free time they have on personal and/or family pursuits and pay someone to pore over college catalogs or applications for them 
  • Parents who want/need their kids to have more personal attention than is usually available from high school counselors.  
  • Parents who know other people who use educational consultants and feel their kid(s) will be at a disadvantage if they don’t use a consultant 
  • People who are overwhelmed by or impatient with the application process (so much paperwork, so little time!). This is especially true when it comes to financial aid, which of course must be reapplied for every year. 
  • People who perceive educational consultants as insiders (which of course you will be once you establish the right contacts) and as a result are in the best position to help them make the wisest collegial decisions